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Recently a post on the internet went extremely viral. It talks about how one is taught to measure success vs what success should probably be defined as. I’m sure you must have seen it (if not, here’s the graphic below). I too had shared this on LinkedIn as a changing paradigm and it got a great response.

The response and virality of this image gave me a sense of how much people related to it. For many people still in jobs today, the treadmill of Job and Salary leaves little time in reality to achieve the remaining slices of the…

Feedback should be continuous, quick and simple. It helps you understand the impact of what you are doing and whether you are being perceived the way you think you are. WeSay ( is our platform which helps you find out how people perceive you at your workplace or in society.


Improving oneself through better feedback mechanisms can help you be more successful

A picture that urges you to love yourself! This article is all about changing yourself for the better!
A picture that urges you to love yourself! This article is all about changing yourself for the better!
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

All of us are obsessed with change. Everyone strives to change for the better, self-improve, be more successful and be a better person. But do we really know what we need to change in ourselves? Change in ourselves, is driven by two factors:

  1. Things that will make you feel happier / better about yourself
  2. Things that will make others think better about you or raise your social standing

Although, we may be aware of both of these categories, we may not be clear about what exactly we need to change in each of them. Examples of the first category typically…

The truth about what kids are doing

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

It’s been 8 months now since the lockdown started. Kids stopped going out and the new normal has become to do everything online. Kids screen time has grown exponentially in every household and almost every parent I talk to has the same exasperated expression when we talk about the amount of time their child spends on the phone. Among Us, Roblox, Brawl Stars and several other online games have now become the new best friends as our children spend their entire day with these digital friends. So much so that when they are without it, they practically are like fish…

How people’s perception can rule the roost!

The recent case of Rhea Chakraborty and Sushant Singh Rajput has been an exemplary case of social perception and all the might it possesses. I found it quite interesting how social perception has played such a pivotal role in this whole case. Most people in India who cared and loved SSR were indeed saddened by his death and the loss of a fine actor at such a young age. Given that SSR did not leave a suicide note and later on many murky details came out including some diligence being missed by Mumbai Police, this led to the belief that…

Living simple in the lockdown

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A few days ago in the middle of the lockdown, I went to the nearby medical store to buy a few medicines. By chance I noticed he had a freezer with ‘Amul’ written on it and it had a few ice-creams. I was thrilled to suddenly find some ice-cream that too without having to wait in line to get some. The freezer had a few candy bars and just about 3 flavors in the tubs. I immediately grabbed about 10 of the candy bars and one ice-cream tub of Choco-Caramel flavor and got home. …

Tending to family vs attending to work

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This lockdown has really been a unique experience. An experience that no one could really have given themselves even if they wanted to. Cos even if you decided to stay at home and stay all alone, nothing would have prevented others from coming to your house or you giving in to all the usual temptations which now appear not so necessary. The lockdown has really given us a chance and also forced us to pay attention to our own home. In the normal course of life, working people spend increasingly less time at home. They make their houses beautiful with…

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Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom — Aristotle

I have always been someone who wanted to be self-aware. As most texts and scholarly writings proclaim, it is one of the ultimate things to achieve. Being a disciple and follower of spirituality and philosophy, it certainly was a destination / goal for me. Yet, I could never clearly get my head around what exactly it means. Does it mean being aware of your thoughts, feelings, and emotions. These keep changing every minute — so if I am aware of it for some time and then my mind drifts away…

Understanding how others see you has its advantages if you learn to use the information correctly

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Everyone has perceptions associated with them. One person is perceived as trustworthy, while another is arrogant and a third is hardworking. Perception is only the part of your reality which stands out. Almost all humans are like this iceberg with the large reality being under water and the tip being their perception. In my opinion, most people are not really clear what part of their iceberg is showing above the surface and hence what is their perception in society. I’ll take 3 examples from my professional career to illustrate:

Rohit (names changed) was a project manager who worked with me…

In a world of choices, how does one choose?

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On the occasion of Children’s Day in India today, a few thoughts crossed my mind on what it must be like to be a child today. One of the blessings and curses of being born in the information era is that the moment you have a question, you can get an answer by Googling it. While there are several benefits, there are two drawbacks that I have seen of this:

  1. Children believe that the world has already found answers to everything
  2. They have way more information than the mind of a child can handle.

Like anything that overwhelms you, the…

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